[OSM-talk] OSM is not the place for dissemination of authoritative data sets

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Mar 19 11:28:55 UTC 2020


a propos a recent statement from our friends at Facebook in which they
make plans for the future of our project,


> Beyond AI-based data sets, one of the biggest challenges for OSM is importing even readily available authoritative data sets
> ...
> our hope is that RapiD can become a tool that’s simple enough for anyone to import and verify new data sets and to make use of these powerful tools

I would like to reiterate that the "challenge" is not that it is
difficult to import "authoritative data sets"; the problem is that
authoritative data sets are fundamentally incompatible with the way we
operate in OpenStreetMap. To quote just an obvious example, the
government of India certainly has an authoritative data set about where
their boundaries are, it's just that this does not align with facts on
the ground and hence our data is different. The past has shown that
petrol station chains also have "authoritative" data sets about their
stations but they are riddled with bugs, and not suitable for wholesale

I think that someone who cannot respect these basic tenets of
OpenStreetMap - that mappers on the ground have the last word on what
gets into OSM and what not - shouldn't be allowed to publish software
that interacts with our database. I think we should disallow any
contributions made with RapID/map-with-ai and friends.


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