[OSM-talk] Suggested mass edits : empty relation and type=multipolygon from ways

Marc_marc marc_marc at mailo.com
Sun Apr 18 18:18:03 UTC 2021


Le 18.04.21 à 18:43, Martin Machyna a écrit :
> I would like to clear/fix improperly created/deconstructed relations.
> This would include:
> 1) Remove relations that have no members, nor are members of a relation
> themselves. 
> 2) Remove type=multipolygon from ways.

these 2 proposals are good ideas and I agree to fix them as mass operations.

the only thing that is wrong is "This would include:"
a mass operation should announce what exactly will be done.
so totally agree for these 2 cases, but "This would include:" gives
the impression that these are 2 examples among other things that
will also be corrected in a mass operation without announcing
their details, that is not ok though.

PS: 95 type=multipolygon on node, also fixed ?


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