[OSM-talk] Suggested mass edits : empty relation and type=multipolygon from ways

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sun Apr 18 18:33:11 UTC 2021

To once again chime in with my opinion, approval and thanks:  the removal of type=multipolygon on 95 nodes also seems a perfectly reasonable action to perform in an (automated, it appears OT-derived) "mass edit."  I'm simply one person with an opinion, but I believe this would be an uphill struggle to argue against doing; it appears 100% sensible.

I am heartened to see that this sort of "cruft removal" is happening in our map data; again, I offer my thanks to both those who "seek out" and those who "destroy" such incorrect data.  These kinds of "clean-up" must be sought out carefully, vetted with our wider community and be completed with care, as well.  It's good to see all three are on-deck and about to happen.  👍👍


> On Apr 18, 2021, at 11:18 AM, Marc_marc <marc_marc at mailo.com> wrote:
> PS: 95 type=multipolygon on node, also fixed ?

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