[OSM-talk] Pictures of opening hours signs for machine learning purposes

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Wed Apr 21 05:53:07 UTC 2021

I'm going to say it because I've only seen a single "Cool" in all this:  this is pretty freakin' COOL, everybody!

Very nice work and some of the neatest (geekiest? I mean that in a loving way!) combination of tech I've seen for OSM in a while.  (But, maybe I don't get out much due to COVID).  I do know I have been totally exhausted at the relatively complicated syntax of opening_hours, but now (with ubiquitous gadgetry in millions of pockets), it's literally "point and shoot," so — no more complexity!

Seriously, hearty congratulations on a nifty chunk of software.  I especially like that it is demonstrably language-extensible.


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