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Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 13:24:50 UTC 2021

Am Fr., 23. Apr. 2021 um 11:25 Uhr schrieb Sandor Seres <sandors39 at gmail.com

> Martin,
> your comment “...not necessarily been WRONG.” implicitly triggers a
> fundamental OSM related issue. Namely, “wrong” is a subjective category,
> what is wrong to me (or many of us) not necessarily wrong to you (or many
> others). To me uploading useless data to OSM is wrong though for others it
> is not.
> However, uploaded geometry with no tags or wrong tags is just a little
> fraction of the useless data in OSM.

Maybe we have not understood ourselves well, what I meant to say: when
multipolygons started to come to life a lot of time ago, it was a common
way to have no tags on the MP itself and get the tags from the outer way.
It took many years until this "style" was officially considered deprecated,
and tools stopped interpreting the objects mapped in this way. Personally,
I was always advocating to put tags where they belong, on the relation
those for the geometry without the inners, and on the outer ways those tags
that applied also to the inner ways of an eventual MP relation where the
way was part of.

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