[OSM-talk] OSMF 2021 Survey is activated: please take the survey!

Maarten Deen mdeen at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 17 08:48:28 UTC 2021

Since I have to register to get a token and therefore it is not 
anonymous, I do like to know what the survey is about before I register 
for a token.

IMHO the unwillingness to say anything about the subject of this survey 
is absolutely contrary to the most basic foundations of openness and 
common curtesey and that does not fit the OSMF. I do not understand why 
you (and with you I also mean the OSMF) operate in this way.


On 2021-01-17 03:48, Allan Mustard wrote:
> The 2021 OSMF Survey of the OSM community has been activated.  It will
> be open for participation until February 14th.  Please surf to the
> following URLs to register for the survey.  You will receive an email
> in return with a single-use token that can be used to take the survey.
> Please be aware that the Japanese, Persian (Farsi), and Turkish
> translations are 100% machine translations, via DeepL (Japanese) and
> Microsoft Translator (Persian and Turkish).  I apologize in advance
> for any mistakes, since these are languages I do not know, and I could
> not find volunteer translators to edit and correct the machine
> translations.  There will be errors, but I hope not serious
> mistranslations that make the survey impossible to understand.
> Please amplify this message throughout the OSM community--spread the
> word!  Please use your preferred communications channels to encourage
> everyone in the OSM community worldwide to participate in this survey!
>  I thank you in advance for that.
> English (Base language):
> https://osmf.limequery.org/281662?lang=en
> Chinese (Traditional; Taiwan):
> https://osmf.limequery.org/281662?lang=zh-Hant-TW
> French:
> https://osmf.limequery.org/281662?lang=fr
> German:
> https://osmf.limequery.org/281662?lang=de
> Japanese:
> https://osmf.limequery.org/281662?lang=ja
> Korean:
> https://osmf.limequery.org/281662?lang=ko
> Persian:
> https://osmf.limequery.org/281662?lang=fa
> Polish:
> https://osmf.limequery.org/281662?lang=pl
> Portuguese (Brazilian):
> https://osmf.limequery.org/281662?lang=pt-BR
> Russian:
> https://osmf.limequery.org/281662?lang=ru
> Spanish:
> https://osmf.limequery.org/281662?lang=es
> Turkish:
> https://osmf.limequery.org/281662?lang=tr
>  Very best regards, and happy mapping!
> Allan Mustard
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