[OSM-talk] Introducing SwiftAddress, an highly efficient way of collecting housenumbers

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sat Jan 23 10:19:50 UTC 2021

I don't quite understand why, outside of a specialized keyboard, you are 
reinventing the wheel (and fragmenting available development resources, 
OK, I suppose that is one of the hallmarks of OSM development which 
unluckily get rewarded time and time again). Vespucci:

- allows you to directly enter address for upload, aka enter once, no 
2nd pass needed at home

- automatically will download existing data (so that you don't 
accidentally duplicate existing data)

- can highlight missing tags, for example addresses

- has all the background and overlay layers from ELI available

- has address prediction that will automatically detect odd / even 
address schemes and increment and is street side aware

- allows you to configure which address tags should be set on addresses 
(this tends to be a question of national preference)

- handles addr:street and addr:place

- seeds address tags values from existing data

- and many other things like conflict resolution and so on.

All since more than half a decade (actually 7 years).

Yes, as said, it is true that it doesn't have a specialized keyboard, 
but as you typically only have to type in a small number of numbers per 
street, if any at all, the pain isn't really large enough to offset the 
complexity caused by i18n support that would be required. But we even 
have an issue for that 
https://github.com/MarcusWolschon/osmeditor4android/issues/574 and if 
somebody wants to put the effort (see i18n problems) a PR would be 
gladly accepted.


Am 22.01.2021 um 12:25 schrieb ipswichmapper--- via talk:
> Hello openstreetmap community,
> I have been writing an android application that should make it 
> significantly easier to collect housenumbers.
> Now, finally, I have released an apk on Github (you'll find it under 
> the "assets" tab):
> https://github.com/IpswichMapper/SwiftAddress/releases 
> <https://github.com/IpswichMapper/SwiftAddress/releases>
> Make sure you check the releases page because I'll be releasing 
> updates that improve functionality and fix bugs.
> I have written about the app in more detail in my diary entry:
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/IpswichMapper/diary/395413 
> <https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/IpswichMapper/diary/395413>
> The app starts up as a simple OSMdroid map. The way you place 
> housenumbers is by moving the crosshair (which is in the middle of the 
> screen) above the building outline of the housenumber you are trying 
> to map. You then add the housenumber using the keypad.
> The advantage of this is that the housenumbers are already in the 
> right place when surveying. There is no need to clean up the messy 
> data (like with Keypad Mapper 3) or draw housenumbers (like with 
> Streetcomplete). All that needs to be done is to load the data into 
> JOSM and then upload. (In the future direct upload might be supported).
> Of course, most times building outlines aren't drawn in OSM, so you 
> can't tell from OSM imagery where the postition of the building/house 
> is. For this I plan on implementing satellite background imageries 
> into the app, so that you can use that to find the position of the 
> house. (I need to know how to implement that first, however, and what 
> imagery/tms I can use)
> You can also has a few more features, for example, auto-incrementing, 
> and the ability to take notes. I have described the app in more detail 
> in the diary entry.
> Thanks,
> IpswichMapper
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