[OSM-talk] Anybody got HeiGIT's building detection model to work?

Isaac Boates iboates at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 15:20:28 UTC 2021

In the last OSM news roundup, there was a very interesting bit about using
ohsome2label to extract building footprints from satellite imagery.

I have been trying to replicate it in Google Colab but for me the
walkthrough seems a bit jumbled, with the provided config file actually
having syntax errors, and it not being totally clear how to install the
dependencies. I tried making issues on their GitHub page but I never got
any response, even though there have been more pushes since then.

I had to make some modifications to the repo, which I saved on my own fork.
The closest I got to getting it to work was this Colab:

And I also made a Stackoverflow thread about it, and then even added a
bounty to it when it got no attention, but still it has received no
attention. This thread contains all the technical details and can befound

So I was just hoping that maybe someone else out there has gotten it to
work on Colab. or could give me some tips

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