[OSM-talk] Tracking the editing time

Florian florian at schaeferban.de
Mon Jul 5 17:17:40 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to chime in here, because Alexander told me, that his messages to this list seem to be stuck in the moderation queue and don't show up on the list yet.

So until his answers show up here, this is the technical definition of what currently counts as work time:
Any point in time that is 30 seconds or less after any change to an OSM data layer (e.g. creating objects, moving objects around or changing tags) is counted as work time. Internally the time is resolved with 1 second accuracy, for display and work report creation it is rounded to full minutes.

The time can be adjusted by hand before creating the work report, to account for additional time spent outside of JOSM e.g. on TagInfo. But the timer is meant to reflect just the time in which you modified OSM data in JOSM.

My role in this project was/is that I wrote the plugin code, other than that I'm not involved in Rovas.


Am 5. Juli 2021 12:36:12 MESZ schrieb Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>:
>interesting. By "tracking time a user spends editing", what exactly do
>track? If I fire up JOSM, load some data and go to lunch, will it
>tracking the time? If the JOSM windows loose focus because I go to
>to look something up in the OSM wiki or in taginfo, will it count the
>or stop the timer?
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