[OSM-talk] Persian/Arabian Gulf Tagging

Ebrahim Nejati enejati at mail.um.ac.ir
Wed Jul 7 12:14:46 UTC 2021

Hello Bert,
Thank you for your detailed and comprehensive post.

Bert -Araali- Van Opstal <bert.araali.afritastic at gmail.com> writes:

> Please, Ebrahim, you brought up the issue, summarize and conclude so we 
> have a way forward.

Though it has been discussed, it's a sensitive issue and I can't simply
conclude. However, considering your post, I'll try my best.

> 1. What key:name to use for this water body ?
> So the most recent authoritative resource gazetting the name 
> for the international waters should be used, being "Persian Gulf", in 
> the key:name in English as the international language used. key:alt_name 
> can be used for alternative names, used by some minorities in the "world 
> community", so "Arabian Gulf;Gulf of Iran;Gulf of Basra" can be 
> alternative names for the international waters.
Here's how I concludeed about this part:
name=Persian Gulf
alt_name=Arabian Gulf;Gulf of Iran;Gulf of Basra

> 2. What key:name to use for the Iranian and Arabian preference ?
name:fa=خلیج فارس
alt_name:fa=خلیج عربی؛ خلیج ایران؛ خلیج بصره

name:ar=الخليج العربي
alt_name:ar=الخلیج فارسي؛ الخلیج ایراني؛ خليج البصرة

I'm waiting for everyone (especially DWG members) to give their opinion
on these in order to close this issue.


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