[OSM-talk] Persian/Arabian Gulf Tagging

Saeed Hubaishan سعيد حبيشان hubaishan at outlook.sa
Sat Jul 10 16:14:41 UTC 2021

Hi Li Yaqo,

على ٣٠/١١/٤٢ ‫٠٣:٥٦ م، كتب Li Yaqo:
> Cons: This might not end the vandalism edits from the nationalist 
> vandals in the Arab countries,

The vandalism only from some Iranian users targeting the Arab countries 
and specially Saudi Arabia. There isn`t  any vandalism from the Arab 

> Solution 2:
> Change the 'name tag to have both languages at the same time
> (This means we change only the 'name' tag by adding the Iranian name 
> alongside the already existing one)
> The tags will be like this:
> ______________________
> Name= الخليج العربي / خليج فارس
> Name:en= Persian Gulf
> Name:ar= الخليج العربي
> Name:fa= خليج فارس
> ______________________
> Pros: This will definitely stop the vandalism edits when finally the 
> Iranian name is in the general name tag. This solution was tested 
> before in the Caspian Sea, and it worked when the Iranian name was in 
> with the other languages in the 'name' tag.
> Cons: I don't see any.
> There was an opinion that was discussed which is removing the 'name' 
> tag entirely. This is not a solution, this option was chosen and 
> tested before in many areas and failed in almost every single one of 
> them, the Mediterranean Sea for example. Removing the 'name' tag will 
> conclude by adding it again by another user who does not know about 
> this whole problem and vandalism issue, and this will definitely start 
> the vandalism campaign again.
> As a neutral opinion, as I stated before, I suggest going with the 2nd 
> solution just to let the area in peace and stop the vandalism.
> This is not obeying and bowing to the vandal's demands that "they will 
> continue until the Iranian name is in", no and never, this is what I 
> see is fair for all and will stop the headache.
> I want to hear the Arabs' opinion on this solution, do they accept 
> adding the Iranian name next to the Arabic name just to close this 
> case and sum it up for good?
I accept this second solution with small addition:

loc_name:en=Arabian Gulf


Saeed Hubiashan

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