[OSM-talk] Review of name and boundary tagging - revised and amended guidelines to address and resolve disputes

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Wed Jul 14 09:46:13 UTC 2021

W dniu 13.07.2021 o 18:50, Christoph Hormann pisze:
> All we have in common universally and that we can universally rely on
> is the common
> database and the principles under which we add and edit information in 
> that database.  And the most fundamental of these principles is - "by 
> virtue of common sense" and not through an English language attempt at 
> explaining it on the wiki - the principle of verifiability.

So why we have all the guidelines and documentation, if all we should
ever need is a common sense? Mapping would be very simple then.

All the guidelines are limited and OSM is not an exception. We have it
both documented and it is also a common sense:

/There might be cases where these guidelines don't apply, or even
contradict each other. /

> It seems to me you are contradicting yourself in what you write - you 
> call for limiting and relativizing the principle of verifiability just 
> to a few paragraphs later call for stricter and clearer rules and their 
> enforcement.  That does not fit together.

I think the problem you perceive comes from mixing "principles" (ideas)
with actual "guidelines" (documentation).

In general (principle) I think we agree that we want to check things and
not make things up. But the problem is that the written guideline is
insufficient for some objects, especially big ones, so until it's
extended/fixed/sanitized, it's of limited use in this case, because "OSM
data should, *as far as is reasonably possible*, be verifiable" - and
it's not reasonably possible to the full extent in this case.

Common sense explains why this guideline is limited and strongly biased
towards small objects - because we started as a local project with
bicycles in the city and we just happened to grow since then without
rethinking how that applies to global objects.

"Holy mother forking shirt balls!" [E. Shellstrop]

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