[OSM-talk] Review of name and boundary tagging - revised and amended guidelines to address and resolve disputes

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Wed Jul 14 20:59:56 UTC 2021

W dniu 14.07.2021 o 16:47, Christoph Hormann pisze:

> On the contrary - the irony is that 
> practically all of the attacks against this principle come from wealthy 
> hedonist Europeans and North Americans (or people from elsewhere 
> assimilated into European and North American cultures) who feel 
> inconvenienced by the verifiability principle in pursuit of their 
> subjective goals in the project.

I don't see the attack on any principles, we still agree on general
things. It's just a clear criticism of guidelines which are incomplete
and are hardly applicable for big objects. They should be extended for
such a broad class or simply ignored outside their scope - just as it is

> In my experience local mappers from other regions and cultural 
> backgrounds typically embrace the principle of verifiability very 
> naturally and intuitively and often without any guidance from a 
> document in their language imposing it as a normative principle.

Exactly my point - the key is a word "local". Try to say "I'm local to
the ocean/planet" and it's clear how limited it really is and why it
doesn't work for all the cases.

> In other words:  It did not only come to be the main guiding principle 
> in mapping in OSM by virtue of common sense, it also continues to be 
> renewed and re-confirmed every day by mappers as such through the 
> collective cross-cultural common sense of the global mapping 
> community - expressed not primarily in words but in their actions as 
> mappers.

The more vague principles and bigger words, the less usable it is for
the real mapping. "Let's have a great map" sounds very nice and proper,
but it tells nothing about how to do it, so it is not really applicable.


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