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Fri Jul 23 22:00:05 UTC 2021

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> Jul 23, 2021, 22:40 by miketho16 at gmail.com:
> I recently started using OSMCHA to monitor changesets in my local area.
> There have been a number of cases where a changeset from Streetcomplete has
> shown up in my feed, not because an edit was actually made in my local
> area, but because the changeset spanned a large area (.e.g. half the US).
> When I have commented on these changesets and I get a reply, the mapper has
> informed me that this is an issue with Streetcomplete and they (the mapper)
> cannot do anything about it.
> 1)  Is this really a characteristic of Streetcomplete, or are people just
> misusing it?
> StreetComplete is supposed to be used while surveying - not for guessing.
> The only case where valid editing would produce such situation are cases
> where
> (A)
> - someone disabled automatic uploads, switched to manual trigger
> - and solved tasks while traveling across continent
> - uploaded solutions from entire trip
> solution: switch to automatic uploads (default) or trigger upload at
> reasonable intervals
> of distance at long travels
> (B)
> - someone manually prefetched quests across continent
> - had no internet connection while traveling
> - once connected answers were uploaded in one go
> solution: connect to wifi at reasonable intervals (or mobile internet)
Above is very helpful, thanks!

> 4) Does anyone really believe the mappers using Streetcomplete are
> "surveying" the changes as the changesets state?  That would mean that (in
> the examples I saw today) they made some edits in one part of the country,
> drove for ~13 hours to another location (ok, they could have taken a
> flight, but we are still talking many hours if one includes the drive to
> the airport, security, the flight, and getting some sort of ground
> transportation on the other end), made some more edits, and only then did
> Streetcomplete decide to upload their changes (actually making several
> changesets but grouping by type of change rather than the time they were
> made or the geographic area in which they were made)?
> Sadly, some mappers ignore clear requests to actually survey.
> I recommend contacting user for explanation and to consider reverting
> their edits.

> I reverted some StreetComplete edits where user was clearly guessing.
I think the edits in question are correct, it just maybe they were using
imagery as opposed to surveying?  Or perhaps they just did a good job of
guessing correctly.

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