[OSM-talk] Mechanical Edit?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jul 26 11:39:11 UTC 2021


On 26.07.21 12:57, Amanda McCann wrote:
> We can all agree that something tagged `color` and not `colour` is almost certainly wrong? For some things there is disagreement about which type of tagging is best (e.g. `phone` vs `contact: phone`), and then doing this sort of mass edit is bad. 

As it says on the wiki, of one person sees a horse and tags it "kow" and
then another person comes along and says "we all agree that if something
is tagged kow and not cow it is almost certainly wrong" and changes the
tagging, without noticing that the thing is a horse and not a cow, then
nothing has been gained.

On the contrary; the chance is now smaller that someone more diligence
than a lawnmower will notice the issue and fix it properly.

So if you want to use Overpass to find things tagged "color" and then
look at them individually to see what else might be wrong, and fix them
entirely - go ahead.

If you think that a simple search-and-replace is a good idea - then
leave your hands off it and let someone fix it who has the time and
energy to do it properly.

And let me say it very clearly once again: The fact that something is
called "deprecated" on the wiki is NEVER a sufficient reason to
auto-edit it out of OSM. (I thought that recent deprecation efforts all
came with an explicit warning about that.)


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