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and the problem for "Bruxelles -Brussel " is it is very difficult for 
end users to search for  the name.  We had the same problem in Ottawa 
with street names.  "rue Slater Street" which is more or less what is on 
some street signs.  Other street signs have something like just "Slater"

I think we now have name:en Slater street, name:fr rue Slater

Cheerio John

Julien djakk wrote on 6/17/2021 4:06 PM:
> Hello !
> in Belgium for the Bruxelles area, which is bilingual, local mappers
> choose to print both names separated with a "-" :
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/1635651356 : name = "Bruxelles -
> Brussel" ; same for the streets names.
> Julien "djakk"
> Le jeu. 17 juin 2021 à 21:04, Ebrahim Nejati via talk
> <talk at openstreetmap.org> a écrit :
>> Today, I saw Persian Gulf's (rel:9326283) rendering is back to Arabian
>> Gulf. The purpose of this message is not continuing the constant
>> quarrel that which one is the correct name, but to explain my point of
>> view.
>> The `name` tags of this relation had been a translation of "Persian
>> Gulf" in all languages except in Arabic. This is okay. Since OSM favors
>> the situations "on the ground", local communities can decide the name of
>> these regions.
>> It was all good until recently a vandalist felt that this is wrong and
>> repeatedly decided to change the `name:ar` from "Arabian Gulf" to
>> "Persian Gulf". We in OpenStreetMap Iran Telegram group (most active
>> place among Iranian mappers) discussed this issue and strongly condemned
>> it.
>> But now, after the vandalist's changesets has been reverted, the `name`
>> tag of "Persian Gulf" is changed to "Arabian Gulf" while it is called
>> "Persian Gulf" in all languages except Arabic. I'm here to ask how OSMF
>> or Data Working Group decides the `name` tag of such places?
>> ---
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persian_Gulf
>> - Here is Persian Gulf's Wikipedia's page where it is called Persian
>> Gulf in all languages but Arabic. You can also read more about this
>> naming dispute here.
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shatt_al-Arab
>> - Here is Shatt al-Arab wikipedia page, which I think has the opposite
>> naming convention which it is called Shatt al-Arab in every language but
>> in Persian, where it is "Arvand Roud"
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