[OSM-talk] [Mecanical Edit] change (depreciated) amenity=embassy into (approved) office=diplomatic + diplomatic=embassy

Marc_marc marc_marc at mailo.com
Wed Mar 10 08:39:17 UTC 2021


Le 09.03.21 à 23:57, Stephan Knauss a écrit :
> On 09.03.2021 13:54, Marc_marc wrote:
>> I propose this mecanical edition to convert the remaining objects.
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/1392112775
> amenity     embassy
> consulate     honorary_consul
> diplomatic     consulate
> office     diplomatic

Thank you for your feedback

in this case, the operation is limited to erasing the old tag,
without overwriting the value that another contributor has already
entered for diplomatic=*.

Consequently my proposal is badly formulated, here is a more precise
for objects already having an office=* and/or diplomatic=* tag: delete
the old amenity=embassy tag without overwriting the current values.
for the others, change amenity=embassy into office=diplomatic +

Does this address your concern?


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