[OSM-talk] OpenWanderer - free and open source street-level panoramas project

Nick Whitelegg nick.whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Sat Mar 13 10:46:06 UTC 2021


Apologies if this is a little off-topic, but this relates to a previous discussion several months ago so just following it up.

Anyhow, some time ago there was a discussion about alternatives to Mapillary, and in particular, the idea of a completely free and open-source panoramas platform.

Myself and a collaborator have been starting (and I want to emphasise, starting) work on building such a platform, "OpenWanderer". This is partly based on my OpenTrailView project (which will use it, going forward) and aims to provide a completely FOSS stack, with client API, server, processing scripts and the panoramas themselves all free and open.

The project has a number of aims:

  *   the most ambitious one is to provide panoramas of much of the world via a distributed system, in which many many people host instances of the OpenWanderer server on their own machines for their own local area, reducing the necessity for one person or organisation to cover the whole world.
  *   even if the above aim is not realised, it is our aim to produce a platform that individuals or organisations can install on their own server for their own private organisational use, for example a national park might want to provide panoramas covering trails within the park.

We can obviously only work so much on this project, so if it interests you, we welcome contributors! The main repo, containing info about the project and its aims is available at:


This links to various sub-repos containing different parts of the project (client, server, example apps etc).
There is now fairly comprehensive documentation.

While still basic, the platform already offers the ability to upload and navigate along sequences of panoramas and there are various demo apps included.

So if this interests you please take a look!

Incidentally, is anyone aware of a general "FOSS geodata mailing list" that we could make people aware of this project on? I realise it's only tangentially OSM related so it may be of more interest on a general "FOSS geodata" list.


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