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Sat Mar 20 11:27:05 UTC 2021

(as follow up on my previous reply)
What could also work is in_outlet if you wish or pipe_in_outlet.
You might consider to use it also on ways and areas as some are very 
long and substantial. Like drain gullies, subway vents.

Please refer also to man_made=chimney as a possible top-level tag for 

You asked for examples, from wikimedia commons what could fit here:


On 20/03/2021 13:40, Bert -Araali- Van Opstal wrote:
> Interesting conversation and again we divert to scientific 
> explanations and semantics, which in my opinion doesn't make our wiki 
> usable and understandable for the common mapper.
> I worked for many years in engineering and construction, also 
> pipelines, both for liquids and gasses as you might call them.
> In nearly all of the cases however we never used the term liquid, gas, 
> plasma or fluid. As in most of the cases that's not what is flowing 
> there. Air is a mixture of vapour, gas and solids (dust particles). 
> The liquids, especially waste water as mentioned here in the example 
> is a mixture of liquids and solids, which when they exit a pipe 
> creates vapour and gasses, when it is in the pipe has a layer of 
> vapour and gas on top. That's why you can smell them.
> Some pipes are used to dump pure solids, like sand, rocks etc... or 
> slurries, a mixture which contains mostly solids.
> I would prefer a general understandable description:" a substance or a 
> mixture of substances that flow."
> I even doubt if we need to describe the substance, if we look at what 
> is initially intended to be tagged here.
> I believe the question was made if we could use this also for air.  
> Well, drain_socks used for air are not drain_socks, they are vents.
> A drain sock is to dump any substance that falls down, does not 
> dissolve into the air.  A vent is the opposite, it is to dump or 
> dissolve a substance into the air. But again, in most practical 
> applications, you can't differentiate them if you are not an engineer. 
> Vents might contain drains to drain condensate, drains or drain socks 
> contain vents. Those who are not mixed function as both, nearly always 
> as drain or vent.
> So in the engineering and construction world we just call them 
> "outlet" or "end".  To avoid confusion add pipe or duct to it, because 
> an outlt is also used in conjunction with some shops. I would suggest 
> pipe, since many non technical people don't know the difference 
> between pipe and duct.
> You also want a tag for inlets, use "end", the end of the pipe or duct 
> can be an inlet. A sock in engineering refers to a very specific type, 
> you can refer to that with and attribution key.
> Culverts are tunnels or pipes.  Same here as with pipes and ducts, the 
> common technical term is pipe.
> So as main tag I would prefer pipe_end=*. To be used on pipelines, 
> culverts and vents.
> They are very important features as we use them in environmental and 
> engineering studies to model and map hazardous zones, which we can 
> perfectly map in OSM and in some cases even marked.
> Greetings,
> Bert Araali
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