[OSM-talk] Too much detail, or: mapping every single tree in a park

Martijn van Exel m at rtijn.org
Mon May 3 18:36:29 UTC 2021

Skyler --

Your response in and of itself already reflects a great attitude if you 
ask me :)

On topic; if you're a JOSM user, I recommend making use of the powerful 
filtering capabilities. I am typing this message on a 10 year old Lenovo 
X220 and it struggles sometimes with displaying lots of map data. I 
usually filter out building footprints and that takes care of most 
issues I have. Buildings are especially good to filter out because they 
rarely interact with other map data. If you come across an area with 
lots of trees, and you're not looking to map trees at that moment, you 
could use a filter for them. It does double duty making JOSM faster and 
reducing distractions!


On 4/27/21 7:00 AM, Skyler Hawthorne wrote:
> Thanks for the perspective guys, I can see I'm an outlier here. 
> Perhaps I should try adjusting my attitude.
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