[Tile-serving] [OSM-dev] osm2pgsql and mod_tile have moved to git

Kai Krueger kakrueger at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 20:01:14 UTC 2013

On 04/03/2013 11:08 AM, Andy Allan wrote:
> On 3 April 2013 16:10, Kai Krueger <kakrueger at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> as many people seem to prefer using git over svn, we have decided to convert
>> the master repository of osm2pgsql and mod_tile over to git.
> That's fantastic news!
>> Previously anyone who had an osm-svn account had commit access to the
>> repositories and could submit patches directly to the master repository, and
>> indeed people did take advantage of this (were forced to take advantage of
>> this). After the move to git, this will no longer be the case. For the
>> moment it is pretty limited who has push rights to the repository (Jon and
>> myself for mod_tile, and Sahra, Brian and myself for osm2pgsql), but that is
>> something that can be discussed and changed. Personally I am in favour of a
>> fairly open policy and would be happy to see others have push rights as
>> well.
> This is great too!
>> With that change I guess the bug tracking will also likely mainly move over
>> to the github issue trackers, although track tickets on
>> trac.openstreetmap.org now also get forwarded to the tile-serving mailing
>> list. Therefore they should be noticed and dealt with as well, if you prefer
>> to use trac.
> I hope to see the issues moving over to github, in order to remove any
> barriers to discovery for people working on the code. I find finding
> osm2pgsql-related tickets on trac a lot harder than finding osm2pgsql
> issues on github, to the point that in all the projects I work on, I
> very rarely bother trying to find tickets on trac.
Moving over to using mostly githubs issue tracker is fine by me. But to 
ensure that the trac tickets get seen by people working on the code, 
they now get forwarded to the tile-serving list. So hopefully that issue 
with trac is less of one now.
>> As the new repositories live in the same location as previously the svn
>> mirrors you will need to re-check out those repositories, as the history has
>> been re-written to be a cleaner SVN conversion than the mirrors previously
>> were. I hope that doesn't cause any trouble or inconvenience for people who
>> have local forks of the previous mirror.
> That's a small price to pay :-)
>> Any comments or suggestions on the development process of these two projects
>> are welcome,
> For now, just my thanks for undertaking the work - it's really
> massively appreciated.
All of the conversion work and setting up was done by TomH, so he is the 
one to thank for it.


P.S. I sent the announcement to the three lists osm-dev, geocoding and 
tile-serving, as all seemed effected by this transition. But the 
following discussion should probably be limited to one of the lists?
> Cheers,
> Andy

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