[Tile-serving] [osm2pgsql] Providing OSX binaries/packages (#15)

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Fri Apr 5 05:52:33 UTC 2013

Great! Thanks for doing this. Together with the work to package more of the rendering stack in red hat, and hopefully a renewed effort to keep things up to date in the debian repositories, there would hopefully then soon be packages for all of the major platforms.

With regard to versioning, I am currently leaning towards a retrospective adhock release process. I.e. after a while of no complaints about a version (and a prior call for comments and suggestions) retrospectively tag it as a release. Which is if I understand it correctly the way josm does its stable releases. Osm2pgsql, I think is still a simple enough piece of software with relatively low churn and compatibility issues that this release process should still work reasonably well.

With regard to homebrew and frequent build breakages in Mac OSX (and other platforms other than Ubuntu), I am hopeing to use ci.openstreetmap.org to automatically build test on the various platforms. Do you (or anyone else) have a Mac OSX server that can be added as a build slave to jenkins for automated build testing? In the future, that might then even be extended to some simple automated unit / functional testing to get a more robust development process, which will then hopefully make in eligible again for inclusion in homebrew. 

I don't know much about the different packaging systems on Max OSX, but would it be a possibility to also get osm2pgsql packaged for macports? 

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