[Tile-serving] osm2pgsql and mod_tile have moved to git

Martin Lucas-Smith - CycleStreets list-osm-tile-serving at cyclestreets.net
Thu Apr 18 08:17:08 UTC 2013

Andy Allan wrote:
> Kai Krueger wrote:
> > With that change I guess the bug tracking will also likely mainly move 
> > over to the github issue trackers, although track tickets on 
> > trac.openstreetmap.org now also get forwarded to the tile-serving 
> > mailing list. Therefore they should be noticed and dealt with as well, 
> > if you prefer to use trac.
> I hope to see the issues moving over to github, in order to remove any 
> barriers to discovery for people working on the code. I find finding 
> osm2pgsql-related tickets on trac a lot harder than finding osm2pgsql 
> issues on github, to the point that in all the projects I work on, I very 
> rarely bother trying to find tickets on trac.

In terms of migrating trac tickets to Github issues, someone might wish to 
use this converter which I've worked on. It was written by someone other 
than me but I've added a series of options and enhancements which deal with 
the various gotchas that trac tickets present. Obviously run it on a test 
Github repository area first.


It will maintain authors if you set the mapping of trac->github users and 
does its best to retain as much metadata as possible, including showing the 
dates in the text (as the GitHub API doesn't let the date of a ticket be 
set). You can also set a mapping of commits so that even the links work :)

Pull requests welcome.

(CycleStreets has hundreds of tickets that we didn't want to lose, and this 
has been one of a number of barriers slowing us down open-sourcing.)

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