[Tile-serving] osm-carto benchmarking attempts

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sun May 12 08:39:33 UTC 2013

After another couple of hours attempting to, I am now calling it quits on my
attempts to benchmark the openstreetmap-carto stylesheet. 

The carto install docs are just too incomplete to someone who doesn't have a
nodejs background.

I can get renderd set up easily enough from apmon's PPA, but unless someone
gives me an exact sequence of commands to run to install carto and any other
dependencies needed for the osm-carto stylesheet conversion, I'm not looking
at it again. Just for reference if someone does want to give me a set of
commands, the VM would have apmon's PPA added and renderd, osm2pgsql,
apache2.2, postgis, postgresql 9.1 and dependencies, all installed through
apt-get, and was running ubuntu-server 12.10.

In all honesty, I found it easier to set up a tile server before switch2osm
then I find it now if you want the carto style.

I do have a lovely set of benchmarks from osm.xml, but without something to
compare them to they're not very useful.

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