[Tile-serving] [osm2pgsql] Administrative boundaries not imported with filtered osm data (#34)

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Fri May 31 17:15:00 UTC 2013

Hello again :),

so now i tried to import oberbayern-latest.osm.bz2 into my db, and now i have the polygon called "Stadtbezirk 04 Schwabing-West". Thank you very much for the fix. But now the problem occured again. So what did i do:

First i filtered out admin boundaries using osmosis:
bzcat oberbayern-latest.osm.bz2 | ./osmosis/bin/osmosis --read-xml enableDateParsing=no file=-  --tf accept-ways boundary=administrative --used-node --tf accept-relations boundary=administrative --write-xml file=-  | bzip2 >  oberbayern-adminbounds.xml.bz2
I used: Osmosis Version 0.43.1

After it i checked if the relation is inside the file "oberbayern-adminbounds.xml.bz2" and found this:
  <relation id="56389" version="25" timestamp="2013-05-31T16:52:28Z" uid="130472" user="fx99" changeset="14290051">
    <member type="way" ref="28823678" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="30033834" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="195085889" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="196473438" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="194705249" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="195085890" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="69685291" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="69685244" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="30101361" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="196473436" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="45048519" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="194705245" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="196167289" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="196473435" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="42941597" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="30033065" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="30033066" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="196328310" role="outer"/>
    <member type="way" ref="196328308" role="outer"/>
    <member type="relation" ref="66998" role=""/>
    <member type="relation" ref="66999" role=""/>
    <member type="relation" ref="67000" role=""/>
    <tag k="admin_level" v="9"/>
    <tag k="boundary" v="administrative"/>
    <tag k="is_in" v="München,Bayern,Bundesrepublik Deutschland,Europe"/>
    <tag k="name" v="Stadtbezirk 04 Schwabing-West"/>
    <tag k="note" v="München, Stadtbezirk 4, 3 Bezirksteile"/>
    <tag k="type" v="multipolygon"/>

Then i migrate it to my db using this:
./osm2pgsql/osm2pgsql --cache 6000 --number-processes 7 -S ./default.style --latlong -H localhost  -U michael -P 9201 -d osm oberbayern-adminbounds.xml.bz2

Now i check the db and Schwabing is not there anymore. I checked the db in several ways, but exemplary i show you a short shell dialog:
osm=# SELECT * from planet_osm_polygon where name = 'Stadtbezirk 04 Schwabing-West';
 osm_id | access | addr:housename | addr:housenumber | addr:interpolation | admin_level | aerialway | aeroway | amenity | area | barrier | bicycle | brand | bridge | boundary | building | construction | covered | culvert | cutting | denomination | disused | embankment | foot | generator:source | harbour | highway | historic | horse | intermittent | junction | landuse | layer | leisure | lock | man_made | military | motorcar | name | natural | office | oneway | operator | place | population | power | power_source | public_transport | railway | ref | religion | route | service | shop | sport | surface | toll | tourism | tower:type | tracktype | tunnel | water | waterway | wetland | width | wood | z_order | way_area | timezone | way 
(0 rows)


Thanks very much for your help. You guys are really very responsive, i appreciate this.

PS: Regarding the default.style i just added a timezone line. Now it looks like this:
# This is the style file that matches the old version of osm2pgsql, which
# did not make distinctions between tags for nodes and for ways. There are a
# number of optimisations that can be applied here. Firstly, certain tags
# only apply to only nodes or only ways. By fixing this we reduce the amount
# of useless data loaded into the DB, which is a good thing. Possible
# optimisations for the future:

# 1. Generate this file directly from the mapnik XML config, so it's always
# optimal

# 2. Extend it so it can understand that highway=tertiary is for ways and
# highway=bus_stop is for nodes

# Flags field isn't used much yet, expect if it contains the text "polygon"
# it indicates the shape is candidate for the polygon table. In the future I
# would like to be able to add directives like "nocache" which tells
# osm2pgsql that it is unlikely this node will be used by a way and so it
# doesn't need to be stored (eg coastline nodes). While in essence an
# optimisation hack, for --slim mode it doesn't matter if you're wrong, but
# in non-slim you might break something!

# Also possibly an ignore flag, for things like "note" and "source" which
# can simply be deleted. (In slim mode this is, does not apply to non-slim
# obviously)

# OsmType  Tag          DataType     Flags
node,way   note         text         delete   # These tags can be long but are useless for rendering
node,way   source       text         delete   # This indicates that we shouldn't store them
node,way   created_by   text         delete

#node,way   note         text         polygon   # These tags can be long but are useless for rendering
#node,way   source       text         polygon   # This indicates that we shouldn't store them
#node,way   created_by   text         polygon

node,way   access       text         linear
node,way   addr:housename      text  linear
node,way   addr:housenumber    text  linear
node,way   addr:interpolation  text  linear 
node,way   admin_level  text         linear
node,way   aerialway    text         linear
node,way   aeroway      text         polygon
node,way   amenity      text         nocache,polygon
node,way   area         text         # hard coded support for area=1/yes => polygon is in osm2pgsql
node,way   barrier      text         linear
node,way   bicycle      text         nocache
node,way   brand        text         linear
node,way   bridge       text         linear
node,way   boundary     text         linear
node,way   building     text         polygon
node       capital      text         linear
node,way   construction text         linear
node,way   covered      text         linear
node,way   culvert      text         linear
node,way   cutting      text         linear
node,way   denomination text         linear
node,way   disused      text         linear
node       ele          text         linear
node,way   embankment   text         linear
node,way   foot         text         linear
node,way   generator:source    text  linear
node,way   harbour      text         polygon
node,way   highway      text         linear
node,way   historic     text         polygon
node,way   horse        text         linear
node,way   intermittent text         linear
node,way   junction     text         linear
node,way   landuse      text         polygon
node,way   layer        text         linear
node,way   leisure      text         polygon
node,way   lock         text         linear
node,way   man_made     text         polygon
node,way   military     text         polygon
node,way   motorcar     text         linear
node,way   name         text         linear
node,way   natural      text         polygon  # natural=coastline tags are discarded by a hard coded rule in osm2pgsql
node,way   office       text         polygon
node,way   oneway       text         linear
node,way   operator     text         linear
node,way   place        text         polygon
node       poi          text
node,way   population   text         linear
node,way   power        text         polygon
node,way   power_source text         linear
node,way   public_transport text     polygon
node,way   railway      text         linear
node,way   ref          text         linear
node,way   religion     text         nocache
node,way   route        text         linear
node,way   service      text         linear
node,way   shop         text         polygon
node,way   sport        text         polygon
node,way   surface      text         linear
node,way   toll         text         linear
node,way   tourism      text         polygon
node,way   tower:type   text         linear
way        tracktype    text         linear
node,way   tunnel       text         linear
node,way   water        text         polygon
node,way   waterway     text         polygon
node,way   wetland      text         polygon
node,way   width        text         linear
node,way   wood         text         linear
node,way   z_order      int4         linear # This is calculated during import
way        way_area     real                # This is calculated during import

# mic specific
node,way   timezone     text         polygon

# If you're interested in bicycle routes, you may want the following fields
# To make these work you need slim mode or the necessary data won't be remembered.
#way       lcn_ref      text     linear
#way       rcn_ref      text     linear
#way       ncn_ref      text     linear
#way       lcn          text     linear
#way       rcn          text     linear
#way       ncn          text     linear
#way       lwn_ref      text     linear
#way       rwn_ref      text     linear
#way       nwn_ref          text     linear
#way       lwn              text     linear
#way       rwn              text     linear
#way       nwn              text     linear
#way       route_pref_color text     linear
#way       route_name       text     linear

# The following entries can be used with the --extra-attributes option
# to include the username, userid, version & timstamp in the DB
#node,way  osm_user       text
#node,way  osm_uid        text
#node,way  osm_version    text
#node,way  osm_timestamp  text

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