[Openstreetmap-dev] Re: [Openstreetmap] New roads appearing without GPS tracks

Tommy Persson tpe at ida.liu.se
Fri Dec 16 22:57:34 GMT 2005

> If that's the case, I'm wondering should we change the GPX upload procedure
> so that a GPX file is PUT in the same way that OSM-format XML is PUT in the
> 0.2 API? From a glance at the documentation of two HTTP clients (cURL and
> the Qt HTTP API) it seems easy to use PUT to upload data, but I'm having
> trouble finding documentation on how to upload whole files as the current
> GPX uploader does.

Yes, please.  I was also looking for documentation of how to upload a
file using cURL.  Also, how do you get information about which files
you already have uploaded?

When you access track what does it mean that the data is "paged"?


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