[Openstreetmap-dev] Is this license ok?

Alex Willmer alex at moreati.org.uk
Sun Sep 18 01:51:11 BST 2005

On Sun, 2005-09-18 at 00:53 +0200, Immanuel Scholz wrote:
> Hi,
> can someone with better understanding of legal issues (means: better
> than zero ;) 

Disclaimer first IANAL, this isn't legal advice.

> confirm, that I can use code under the following license in
> my software for OSM (provided under GPL), assuming that I do not alter
> his code..
> http://www.geovrml.org/geotransform/license.html

I would say no, most definitely not, on multiple counts.

> The basic problem is, that the autor of this want's to be informed if
> someone change his work. GPL does not require this restriction.

Clauses 1 & 2 are probably okay. Clause 3 is the biggie, if you link
your code to this software then you agree to give them the rights to
your code! Clause 4  backs that up, to me, they basically say:

3. All your derived base are belong to us.
4. All your recipients derived base are belong to us, hand them over.

Frankly it makes the GPL seem easy going.

> I don't know, whether the thingie "inform me if you change it" is
> conform to GPL. Even if not: Must the software linked into my GPL-code
> be pure-GPL-conform?

If you own the code you can link what you like to it, but you may not be
able to release the combination under the GPL. If someone has licensed
you the code under the GPL, as a user you may link what you like to it,
but if the linked code is GPL incompatible the result cannot be

In this case both of the above apply, the software  in question has a
GPL incompatible license, you cannot link to it and release the
resulting program under the GPL.

At least I think that's right.


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