[Openstreetmap-dev] Re: WGS84/UTM/Lambda... Projection library

Chris Holmes cholmes at openplans.org
Tue Sep 20 23:10:30 BST 2005

> Hi,
> > So I work on geotools, but am definitely not the projection expert.  But 
> > our projection expert recently extracted out the projection code from the 
> > main jar, so it sits in it's own module, for use by people exactly like 
> > you.  It ends up about a meg in size (though you will need some jar to 
> > define the wkt of your projections, this is where my knowledge gets 
> > fuzzy).  It's on trunk/2.2, and the 2.2M0 that's out now did not include 
> > it.  If you're interested I can send you the jar directly from the latest 
> > svn.
> I got the whole trunk from svn and see the projection code somewhat
> seperated in
> gt/module/referencing/src/org/geotools/referencing/operation/projection. 
> So no need to zip and send it, but thank you for the offer :-)

> I looked at the version. It is still too dependend on the rest of the
> system to take unmodifier, but maybe I extrakt those parts I need write
> a thin layer for the rest and skip the dependency-making stuff like
> internalisation or the whole NamedIdentifier thingabob. ;)
Yeah, our referencing expert really like having everything super spec 
compliant.  If you give feedback about a layer without so much dependency 
then maybe it'll influence hi to make a lighter version, though I wouldn't 
hold my breath.

> BTW: Where is javax.units.* from? Java Enterprise Edition?
It's a jsr, jsr-108.  http://sourceforge.net/projects/jsr-108/ Though
unfortunately it's lost momentum.  I forget the geotools plans for units,
some other project was maybe going to take over.

> Well, after all, GeoTools looks like a fine project . Thumbs up to
> you ;)
Cheers, though it's definitely the work of many, many people.  Glad you 
can extract something useful from it.


> Ciao, Imi.
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