[OSM-dev] lack of server coders

Christian van den Bosch cjb at cjb.ie
Tue Jul 4 13:47:49 BST 2006

Ben Gimpert wrote:

> I agree with Imi that the "privacy crutch" has become a bit absurd.
> Therefore, I ask that the community respond to this message with a yea
> or nea on their inclusion on a "white list" of those who don't give a
> shit if the NSA knows they were at Starbucks at 9:37am this morning.

Yea. I'm sure the NSA has far better ways to track people anyway.

For me the bigger concern at the moment is that developers need a data 
set to develop with.

> More formally, I hereby publicly announce that every single OSM entity I
> have ever modified or contributed, and every entity I *will* ever modify
> or contribute, may be freely associated with my "identity" (i.e. email
> address) by anyone, at any time.


I don't even understand what the issue is wrt knowing who's edited what. 
I can understand there are issues wrt knowing who's uploaded which 
tracklogs; but isn't that why we have the option to set our tracklogs to 
public or private when we upload them?

To reiterate/paraphrase what I said on the IRC channel some days ago, I 
am more than happy for anyone out there to be able to associate my 
identity or email address with all of my map edits and public tracklogs.

Let's hope this helps move us towards freeing the data.

> Now, as for Steve taking down the server -- I don't mind if he shits on
> and then kicks the server into The Thames without telling anyone.  Until
> someone else steps forward to volunteer as OSM Systems Administrator,
> the intermittence of availability is something we must to acomodate.

Yes - and even then, it's not like there's an SLA in place.

Christian / cjb


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