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Joerg Ostertag openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Fri Jul 14 21:31:47 BST 2006

On Friday 14 July 2006 21:41, OJW wrote:
> On Friday 14 July 2006 20:26, Joerg Ostertag wrote:
> > Is there anything/anyone who is against this? And if so why?
> * Ease of download.  Not everyone has an SVN client on all their computers.
> I'm often using other peoples' computers, and want to download the atlas
> code from there.

I think if you want/have wiki access you probably have a browser. So I assume 
Downloading with a browser from


should be an easy alternative .
(Yes I sometimes do http with telnet, but it's probably not what the normal 
user does ;-)

And if you are a Fan of "CUT 'n PASTE"; just click on the Files in the 
Directory Listing let your Browser show them. And then Cut 'n Passte them 
where ever you want ;-)

> * SVN ease of use.  At the moment, I don't even know how to download one
> SVN directory without getting the whole archive of all OSM code.

The complete svn download is:

  svn co http://svn.openstreetmap.org/

so take a wild guess how to only download a directory? 
Yes it is:

  svn co http://svn.openstreetmap.org/utils/osm-pdf-atlas

And if you refuse to use svn as client, then your Browser should be able to 
download from the URL directly:

If you even got wget or any other downloader you can use this one to download 
a complete directory too.

> * Changes by non-approved users.  

As what i know it normally is no problem to get one of the SVN allowed users 
to commit a good patch if you just send the patch or new file to the @dev 
list. This most of the time works really fast.

> Only a few people have SVN access.  

Well, as what I know there are quite some. You should give it a try how long 
it 'll take to apply a patch into SVN if it's improving anything.

> We  
> might want other people to suggest changes to the config files (e.g. nick
> noticed that dunfermline had an inverted longitude and changed the wiki)

Exactly this is the problem. Now we seam to have 2 differing Versions. Or did 
he check it into the svn? Or did he tell anyone that he changed it in the 
wiki and someone else should update it in SVN?

> * Commenting and discussion features available on the wiki.

Every change in SVN needs a comment too. This enables you to see what was 
changed in this Revision.
I don't want to delete the Descriptions to The source in the wiki. I just 
wanted to move the Source Code itself to a Souce-Code-Repository(SVN).

> OK, I don't like using the wiki for source-code, 

If it's more than 5 lines it's a real pain. I always have to look into all the 
12 pages for osm-pdf-atlas (which are named different than the files they 
belong to) in the wiki if something has changed. Then do a cut'n paste 
(waiting for my browser to scroll to the end) and then i can diff and see 
what really changed. A real PItA !!

If I use SVN i just do svn diff in the osm base dir and see: well there is new 
stuff in the osm-pdf-atlas or in application xy. Or I just look at the RSS 
Feed and there I can see what changed in any of the programs I'm interested 
in. If it's something I'm interested in I can update it on my local PC with 
one command.

> and I'm sure all these 
> things are solveable if you put the effort in.  

As what I think, these things are solved.

> But wiki is a 
> useful backup  

-> awfull backup

> for more complex systems.

Because it's too complex for sourcecode.

Sorry, but that's my attitude to this !!

> If the official version is going to be SVN, then at least put instructions
> on [[PDF atlas]] wiki page saying how to download it.  Preferably
> instructions that don't involve downloading multi-megabyte SVN clients...

Is the http download described above acceptable?


Jörg Ostertag (München)


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