[OSM-dev] API 0.3 - Map call - Summary

Frank Mohr f_mohr at yahoo.de
Tue Mar 14 17:09:22 GMT 2006

Immanuel Scholz wrote:
> Hi,
>>1. In JOSM, when a Way is selected only a single Way is displayed in the
>>"Current Selection" area window, even when there is more than one Way
>>covering the same set of nodes and segments. Using a "select objects" box
>>(drag a box over the area) will display both the visible and invisible
>>This needs addressing as it's very easily to accidentally create a second
>>Way when the same segments are still selected.
> I will add support for better visualizing two ways which are on top of
> each other.
> However, I don't see a reason to try to forbid any doubled way creation.
> Ways are logical information and I can think of numerous situations where
> two ways should be consist of exactly the same line segments. This is a
> feature, not a bug! ;-)

right: if you look at

the road east of the Autobahn A5 is "Karlsruher Straße" and also B3
and between the crossing in the north and the crossing with the street
in the center, its also the B426 (that continues to the east.

>>It's not possible to create a duplicate line segment, but it is currently
>>possible to create a duplicate Way.
> Line segments are physical representations of the world, not logical.
> Since there can only be one physical line between two points, I don't see
> a reason why someone would want to create two line segments on top of each
> other.

different "physical lines" like tram trails on the street

(i placed the tram trails slightly shifted over the street - just as
they where downloaded from the GPS)


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