[OSM-dev] rendering: mad ideas

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Mar 21 17:08:04 GMT 2006

spam tiles... now there's a new one on me!

But then on the other hand I haven't seen any new cities cropping up in mid
Atlantic yet (yes I'm very tempted to write OSM (rather than SOS) as a big
advert in the Sahara desert) so I suspect that the integrity of the project
is reasonably ok ;-)

I say it's a sound idea. I'd be happy to keep my broadband idling with work
in the background although that might not work for those that have a cap on
the internet usage.



Andy Robinson
Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk 

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>So there's excellent work going on XSLT and SVG wise and the main map
>remains horrible and without features below level 11 or whatever it is.
>Whetever happens, we're probably not going to be able to sustain on the
>fly rendering and mad ideas should be considered.
>Over the pond, Schuyler wrote something and put it somewhere on
>mappinghacks.com about distributed WMS but I was thinking of something a
>bit more limited to kick off.
>Hows about a low priority thread in the applet which grabs landsat tiles
>and data and renders them, shipping completed static jpegs back to the
>server? Thus whilst editing, people are helping. A home version could
>easily be made which people could run in the background as a screensaver
>or something.
>We can call it OpenStreetMap at home
>It is almost trivial to write the first incantation which does nothing
>more than the the current tiles (just white lines). Slightly more
>difficult is the server side of logging what tiles need to be rendered
>and shipping them.
>Later on it can be expanded to do things like grabbing large tiles and
>splitting them up and generalising itself, and as many cartographic
>extensions as you like.
>Why Java I hear you cry? Well, I couldn't care less what other versions
>of it may be written in but the applet having it as a thread is an
>attractive idea and Java runs on just about anything. We can make it run
>in free VM's without too much hassle, too which nails whatever
>performace problems may be perceived. Anyway, java isn't _that_ slow
>these days.
>Oh and Imi might help if it's in Java.
>Sound like fun?
>Yeah, yeah people could submit spam tiles but we can figure a way out of
>that. Right?
>have fun,
>SteveC steve at asklater.com http://www.asklater.com/steve/
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