[OSM-dev] rendering: mad ideas

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Fri Mar 24 11:01:59 GMT 2006


> Maybe an interim solution, assuming most edits are done with the online
> applet editor.  The server should deny any that does not also come with
> a rendered version of the "changed" tile attached.  Said tiled is
> immediately and cheaply cached by the server.  Less problem with
> conflicts, since the newest always wins.  And almost trivial to
> implement, since the applet is already rendering this stuff.

Great idea for making this as an optional feature. If the user want, he
can upload the changed tiles along with the change data after finishing a

But I think this would harm, if it is done automatically on every update.
Currently the osmapplet upload changes immediatly, so if you do a bit of
modification in an area, the tiles gets uploaded most of the time

> Later demand all editors do this.

Urks! I am very willing to spend CPU time of my main machine to render any
stuff. But I don't like to force my tiny Zaurus PDA to have to SVG-Render
or Java-Render some pictures just to be able to change this one incorrect

> Bring on the Sahara desert spam...

Spam could be prevented by having the server do some random inpections to
the uploaded tiles and heavily penalize every user who upload wrong tiles.

But before we do such an distributed rendering, it should be clear that
CPU rendering time is really an issue and that network bandwidth usage is
not an issue.

Ciao, Imi.

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