[OSM-dev] CPAN Geo Package; was:planetosm-to-db.pl

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Nov 8 10:44:08 GMT 2006

Joerg wrote:

> I was already thinking of making this even much easier by providing a mysql
> dump for download. This would make things even faster and easier for users to
> import.

That would be excellent. Perhaps, as well as a whole planet, it would  
be good to provide ready-made MySQL dumps within certain bounding  
boxes - the whole of the UK, the whole of Scandinavia, etc.

I'd welcome one which was just "some typical OSM data" for development  
purposes, though I appreciate the demand for this is probably limited.

> As you said; I don't think building the actual CPAN-Package should be too
> hard. I think the questions are:
>  - can we use an existing Package and expand it?
>  - How do we name/structure the modules?
> any suggestions are welcome.

I'd think Geo::OpenStreetMap is the logical name for a CPAN package  
(there's already Geo::Google, Geo::TigerLine, etc.). As per the  
current /utils/perl/Geo, this would concentrate on parsing OSM data,  
and handling interaction with the OSM API.

There may be a case for expanding existing packages where they're not  
exclusively OSM-related: in particular, Geo::Gpx and GPS::NMEA look  


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