[OSM-dev] CPAN Geo Package; was:planetosm-to-db.pl

Joerg Ostertag (OSM Munich/Germany) openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Wed Nov 8 12:45:23 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 08 November 2006 11:44, Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> Joerg wrote:
> > I was already thinking of making this even much easier by providing a
> > mysql dump for download. This would make things even faster and easier
> > for users to import.
> That would be excellent. Perhaps, as well as a whole planet, it would
> be good to provide ready-made MySQL dumps within certain bounding
> boxes - the whole of the UK, the whole of Scandinavia, etc.

Well I would start with the two big ones: 
 Europe , US

Maybe we can use osm2db to directly generate a mysql dump out of the 
planet.osm-file? This would then be somewhat similar to my suggested sed 
solution ;-)

> I'd welcome one which was just "some typical OSM data" for development
> purposes, though I appreciate the demand for this is probably limited.

Well i think if you have enough areas to choose from you'll sure find an area 
which is small enough for development testing.

> > As you said; I don't think building the actual CPAN-Package should be too
> > hard. I think the questions are:
> >  - can we use an existing Package and expand it?
> >  - How do we name/structure the modules?
> >
> > any suggestions are welcome.
> I'd think Geo::OpenStreetMap is the logical name for a CPAN package

Well the name seemed a little too long for me for a standard CPAN Package. But 
renaming OSM to OpenStreetMap would be fine for me if this helps.

> (there's already Geo::Google, Geo::TigerLine, etc.). As per the
> current /utils/perl/Geo, this would concentrate on parsing OSM data,
> and handling interaction with the OSM API.
> There may be a case for expanding existing packages where they're not
> exclusively OSM-related: in particular, Geo::Gpx and GPS::NMEA look
> relevant.

The Problem is, that these Packages are all related to each other. They all 
read/write trackdata.
Maybe i should move Geo/GPX/File.pm into the subdir Tracks too?

and then we still have to find a place and name for the rest of the modules

If I look at the module 
It might be a good idea to move the Track stuff under the OSM Dir too?

And also the idea was to only have one Perl Package for all the Modules. It 
would be great if we could manage to get a Geo.pm Package which would hold 
all these submodules. But maybe this is too much at a time.


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