[OSM-dev] Markers for OSM slippy maps

Tom Carden tom at tom-carden.co.uk
Sat Nov 18 12:46:06 GMT 2006

On 18/11/06, Nick Whitelegg <nick at hogweed.org> wrote:
> Any thoughts? Would Mapstraction come into this maybe?

For this kind of thing, no, consider it a *di*straction not an
*ab*straction :)

The the point of Mapstraction is to be the simplest possible thing
that will let people change APIs, and that might tempt them to OSM
type maps once they're ready.  You're already using OSM data, and it's
not like you're going to want to switch away from OSM to Yahoo or
Google any time soon.

OpenLayers is a better fit for OSM and Freemap type projects, being a
ground-up implementation of slippy map, markers etc. rather than an
extra layer of indirection.

My 2p,


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