[OSM-dev] Markers for OSM slippy maps

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Sat Nov 18 19:36:55 GMT 2006

On Saturday 18 Nov 2006 13:21, you wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 18, 2006 at 10:15:30AM +0000, Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> > The code is rather messy at the moment - since there is limited
> > documentation on the OpenLayers API, I've just tried to do the best I can
> > with it. However if this fits in with the plans of where OSM is going, I
> > can try to wrap up the code so it's easier for developers to use. This
> > may mean working with the openlayers people.
> Complaints about where the documentation is lacking are useful. I wrote
> the entire set of documentation[1] myself, but it's not the most useful
> thing in the world: any time you try to do something, and find yourself
> not understanding how to do it, I would love to see feedback to the
> OpenLayers users list, or a bug filed, either of which will get my
> attention.
> If you've made changes to OpenLayers to make things easier to use, we'd
> love to participate in the development you're doing. One of the easiest
> ways to improve visibility into improvements you're making with the
> OpenLayers code base is to do your development in a sandbox in the
> OpenLayers subversion repository: Information on doing so is available
> in the FAQ[2].
> The tone of your email makes it seem as if the OpenLayers development
> process has been offputting to you in the past. I'm sorry if that has
> been the case. We've been putting a lot of effort into making it as easy
> as possible for OpenLayers development to be as open as possible: adding
> external developers with full SVN credentials, clarifying the processes
> that OpenLayers uses, and so on. If I have personally put you off from
> OpenLayers development, I'd like the humbly apologize and ask you to
> take a look at the project again, since I think we've improved leaps and
> bounds in terms of being open to external development within the past
> couple weeks.

Not at all, I fully appreciate that there is limited time to write 
documentation as well as everything else. My own code is not commented as 
much as it should be :-)

It was really just a comment, it was more me trying to explain why my code is 
a bit convoluted ATM. It really wasn't intended to be a criticism of 
OpenLayers, your efforts or everyone else's - I apologise if you took it that 
way. Indeed, I am *really grateful* that openlayers provides an open source 
api for slippy maps. I'm also very glad of the help I've received on the 
OpenLayers mailing list. TBH I'd be glad of feedback as to whether I can 
write my code in a less convoluted way, I'm sure I probably can :-)


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