[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] The OSM Applet - let's ditch it for JOSM (was:Mapping Reading, some impressions)

Joerg Ostertag (OSM Munich/Germany) openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Tue Sep 5 12:24:12 BST 2006


> I guess we all need to learn to do some coding. 

This would really be great!

> Each of us who have spent 
> time producing static rendering have probably been tweaking the code for
> Osmarender so all of us could probably benefit from learning more code.

Definitely true.

> For my part I'll pledge to learn Ruby over the coming weeks, I have the
> documentation, I just need to spend the time, time I could be mapping but
> clearly I should consider a change in focus for the good of the project and
> its support. Perhaps others would like to pledge in a similar way?

Thanks a lot for your efforts. I think this is what we definitely currently 
need. People who are doing the programming and interface design!!
For those not wanting to learn any programming language there is still the 
documentation part, which also can sustain even more work. 

I personally think that the most important we currently need at OSM are 
   "good working" cool tools!
This means filters, editors, viewers, converters ...
So we need every hand who can do coding. This way hopefully any other new user 
(who hasn't been convinced to write code ;-) can map the collected tracks in 
1/10 of the time it currently takes.

happy coding


PS.: Why do you think i can manage to be in the top 10 of Node/Segment 
Because I use the tools which can be found in svn. If correctly used, they 
enable me to map a two weeks trip of tracklogs (250MB Tracks) in one long 
weekend. This and lending my GPS to everyone I know is doing a journey 
currently keeps my stat up high.

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