[OSM-dev] Select and move - mode

Thomas Walraet thomas at walraet.com
Sat Sep 9 13:34:52 BST 2006

Jon Burgess a écrit :
> I find this new behaviour very useful in when I add nodes and then want
> to add attributes to the node I just added. To add a new node and then
> an attribute to that node with the old behaviour required 6 mouse
> clicks:-
> 1) Select "Add node"
> 2) Click on map to add node
> 3) Select "Select" tool
> 4) Select previously added node on map
> 5) Use properties box to add attribute
> 6) Go back to (1) to prepare for adding next node
> With the new system you can achieve this in only 3 mouse clicks. Adding
> subsequent nodes only takes a further 2 clicks (instead of 6 again).
> 1) Select "Add node" (do this once)
> 2) Click on map to add node
> 3) Use properties box to add attribute
> 4) Go to (2) to add a next node.
> I admit that adding POI nodes is not something which occurs as often as
> plain nodes & segments, but I still think we should still try to reduce
> the number of mouse clicks wherever possible.

My most common usage of JOSM is for adding new nodes, segments and ways, 
or refine existing ways.

For entering new road, I place nodes then segments and almost everytime 
I'm moving nodes to adjust the road. Now I need two more clic.

For refining existing road, I was used to :
1) select the "add node to segment" tool
2) add nodes
3) select the "move" tool
4) place the newly added nodes to their position

Now I have to do more clic to unselect things prior to move nodes.

Well... What is needed is a patch for #264 trac ticket ;) 

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