[OSM-dev] Select and move - mode

Dean Earley dean at earlsoft.co.uk
Sat Sep 9 21:41:49 BST 2006

> I also see a similar problem when creating new ways. What I think is
> needed is a button or keystroke to clear the selection. As far as I know
> this doesn't exist right now unless i've missed a trick?
> Right now the only technique i've found is to switch to the select mode
> and highlight an unused area to clear the selection before switching
> back to way mode again to enter the next one, which is a pain.

Click the "Select" button below the current selection list.
A key press would be useful though.

> A different fix for your move problem would be to clear the selection
> when entering the move mode. This would fix your particular case, but
> also interferes with the use case where someone selects several objects
> and then enters the move mode to move them all as-one. I don't see this
> as being a particularly common thing to do, but maybe someone else will
> disagree?

well, that would completely remove one mode of operation which I 
personally use fairly frequently (enough to be annoyed if it was removed :)

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