[OSM-dev] Mapnik/osm2pgsql regression.

Robert Hart bathterror at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 12:04:22 BST 2007

> If we agree this kind of mixed tagging is OK then we'll have to modify
> osm2pgsql and/or  osm.xml to handle this.
> Thoughts?

I have mixed feelings:

1. OSM tends to be defined by what works in implementations. These ways are
tagged like this because osmarender supports it.

2. I can appreciate that there as valid arguments behind saying one way ==
one feature, however the behaviour of mapnik/osm2pgsql has *changed* from
only rendering the road to only rendering the green area.

3. There are cases where mixed tagging will not work because tags will clash
(e.g. a surrounding road and park with different names)

4. The alternatives (e.g. Multiple slightly offset ways, or duplicate ways)
are ugly, and really need improvements in the editors before they can be
"recommended". It would be great if you could click on a way in JOSM, and
see multiple groups of tags in the properties window.

Basically, I would be willing to accept either way of doing things, however
it is a non-trivial "clarification" to tagging policy, and should be

Robert Hart
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