[OSM-dev] How to change maplint tests

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Apr 21 12:36:48 BST 2007

Hi Robert,

> that was me. How exactly am I meant to know that tests.xsl is not a 
> source file? The spacing of the tags tests implied that the file had 
> been generated at some point - but given I could not find any source, 
> and after I asked on IRC I assumed it was a one off process.

Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. And yes, you couldn't know. That's why 
I wrote this posting. And yes, I should have put a README; thanks for 
fixing that.

> I understand why tilesAtHome has local copies of code, and even stores 
> generated files in SVN, but it does have strong drawbacks. Maybe we 
> should have src and build directories to make it clear what is pulled in 
> from elsewhere and what is actual t at H source code?

I don't know how maplint in t at h will evolve. On one hand, if someone 
improves/adds a standalone maplint test we will usually want that change 
in t at h and vice versa; on the other hand, it may be required at some 
point to select a subset of available tests for inclusion in t at h becaue 
testing would be too strict otherwise.

Maybe we should symlink the maplint tests directory and Makefile into 
t at h, and have a special config file listing the actual tests to be 
included into tests.xsl when make is run (or put that into the Makefile 

Or we just decreee that maplint in t at h is always exactly the same as 
standalone maplint (that'll generate less confusion), and symlink 
everything including tests.xsl?

I don't make any claims to "owning" maplint in t at h, in fact when I 
introduced it I was expecting the community to take over and play around 
with it much more than actually happened, discussing which tests to 
use/reduce/expand and how to render the results. It was meant by me as a 
"first shot" only but not a lot has changed really, so there you go, 
community decision (or is it community non-decision?) ;-)

If anyone wants to change it, feel free to do so. I'm just recommending 
using the maplint make process because I believe it is easier to work 
with as each test has its own file there.


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