[OSM-dev] T at H client cuttoff dates.

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Apr 21 14:31:19 BST 2007


 > I've discussed with OJW to implement a S.O.P of
> only allowing the latest client to take requests and upload data.
> A cutoff period of one week, where the previous client and the new 
> client both can take requests and upload, should give people time to 
> update their T at H clients.

Go ahead if you think that it is required but I fear that you're adding 
unnecessary administrative overhead.

Currently, anyone just increases the version number if he/she sees fit. 
For example, as far as I know, the change from Essen to Frederikssund 
did not bring any change in the tile look - but nobody complained and it 
really isn't a big deal. If you implement said procedure, there will be 
a certain barrier to issuing new versions - you'll always have to ask 
yourself "is this little change that I am committing, which only affects 
waterway=drain, really a sufficient reason to force everybody to update 
within one week...? Or should I sneak it in under the current version name?"

By the way, are uploads with unknown version names accepted? Or do you, 
in order to create a new version name, have to get hold of OJW on IRC 
and ask him to establish the new name first?


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