[OSM-dev] First osmarender patch: cemetery pattern background

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Apr 25 12:21:12 BST 2007


> I was bothered that cemeteries look just the same as sport arenas in
> osmarender, so I scratched my itch. Please find below my first
> osmarender patch.

Looks nice to me! Only thing I am not sure about is whether the cross- 
type pattern is maybe a specifically Christian marking, and other  
religions who also have cemeteries might be offended. If this is the  
case then we might have to start using the same tags used for  
"place_of_worship" (i.e. landuse=cemetery, religion=christian) and  
then only use your special pattern if it says Christian.

Don't want to go over the top with political correctness though. I  
don't even know if cemeteries are usually exclusively for a certain  


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