[OSM-dev] UK Dev Day

Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Fri Apr 27 16:06:35 BST 2007

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Nick Black wrote:
> Hello,
> The UK dev day is nearly upon us.  We will probably get about 6 hours of
> productive work done and we loads to do.  I think that the time can be
> best spent by focusing on a small number of issues, with small numbers
> of people assigned to the task.  One should be the Rails port.  To
> finish Rails we need to:
> - Potlatch - needs integrating with the OSM server.  Richard's Ruby API
> imprvovements need porting to Rails.

I don't think Potlatch is a priority as such - if Rails launches without
Potlatch, we are still moving forwards overall. Potlatch can be added later.

IMHO we should try to launch the rails port - i.e. make it the primary
site, then worry about adding potlatch later. Ideally, we would launch
the rails port just before the dev day, and use the day to fix any bugs
that are thrown up early.

> - Data needs importing - this needs to be tested with real data
> What else do people want to focus on?  

I'd be interested in porting things to PostGres/GIS, then adding
geometry helper columns and triggers to keep them up to date.

I'd also be interested in trying to make improvements to JOSM in the
area of use on a laptop while out and about mapping. So, fix LiveGPS on
my Mac, and try to allow JOSM to load a substantial part of planet.osm
(or even all of it), rather than just a tiny section at a time. E.g. I
drive from Oxford to Reading all the time. It would be nice to follow my
position on JOSM LiveGPS, see a road in real life that is missing, and
turn down it. I can't practically load all the roads between Oxford and
Reading into JOSM, even though people have loaded the whole UK into
small Garmin GPSes.

Another thought is trying to automate GPS tracks to segments - i.e.
download a track, discard any points that are near an existing segment,
then geometry reduce the remaining points to make segments.

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