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Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Fri Apr 27 16:58:33 BST 2007

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Nick Black wrote:
>> On 4/27/07, *Robert (Jamie) Munro* <rjmunro at arjam.net
>> <mailto:rjmunro at arjam.net>> wrote:
>> I don't think Potlatch is a priority as such - if Rails launches without
>> Potlatch, we are still moving forwards overall. Potlatch can be
>> added later.
> It can, but the applet will need an unknown amount of work to make it
> ready for 0.4 - whilst this could be trivial, it seems like wasted
> effort to do this and then sort out Potlatch.

Surely the applet just uses the same standard API that JOSM, T at H etc.
use and that the Rails port is backwards compatible with. If the applet
doesn't work with it, we need to fix it, not the applet.

>> Another thought is trying to automate GPS tracks to segments - i.e.
>> download a track, discard any points that are near an existing
>> segment, then geometry reduce the remaining points to make segments.
> More than the level that osmfilter does?

I'd like it to be the obvious and natural way to use OSM. So port it to
Java as a JOSM plugin, or even porting it to ruby to be a function of
the rails server. Currently OSMfilter requires you to install a bunch od
dependencies, download a whole planet.osm, filter it as appropriate so
it will fit in RAM, etc. before you can use it.

Really there should be a way to just load the track into JOSM, have JOSM
download existing roads close to the track, (even if this means multiple
fetches to the API), and make the segments.

Which goes back to my JOSM can't hold much data problem.

Another thought is a method to perform the GPS filtering on the server,
and have the server be able to tell me where it has GPS traces that
haven't got segments yet - e.g. the ASTL data. This probably requires
some sort of spatial filtering, otherwise it will take forever.

Robert (Jamie) Munro

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