[OSM-dev] UK Dev Day

Joerg Ostertag (OSM Munich/Germany) openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Sat Apr 28 10:28:41 BST 2007

> I'd like it to be the obvious and natural way to use OSM. So port it to
> Java as a JOSM plugin, or even porting it to ruby to be a function of
> the rails server. Currently OSMfilter requires you to install a bunch od
> dependencies, download a whole planet.osm, 

you can even use a small osm file. Just say 	
	osmtrackfilter.pl ... --osm=small_osm_file.osm ...

> filter it as appropriate so 
> it will fit in RAM, etc. before you can use it.
> Really there should be a way to just load the track into JOSM, have JOSM
> download existing roads close to the track, (even if this means multiple
> fetches to the API), and make the segments.

Imi already made plugin stuff for external programms. We'd only have to change 
the read/write parsing for osmtrackfilter.pl

Jörg (Germany, Munich)

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