[OSM-dev] NetSquared ominationN

Martin Spott Martin.Spott at mgras.net
Sat Apr 28 16:53:55 BST 2007

Artem Pavlenko wrote:

> I'm after some large vector datasets for testing and I found:
> http://mapserver.flightgear.org/OSM/tgr_roads.tar.bz2
> When I untar this archive I get invalid *.shp and *.dbf files of the  
> same (suspicious) size (1<<31)-1 :

Oh, thanks for pointing at it. I just looked at the size of the whole
package and didn't notice that something went wrong. I'll fix it -
well, I guess so  ;-)

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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