[OSM-dev] Script to find tiles that need rebuilding

Damian Sulewski damian.sulewski at uni-dortmund.de
Tue Jan 9 11:21:24 GMT 2007

i hope you have read my posting before. My problem is: I have to upload
all my changes at once.
I like to save often. So if i tag a way i upload it. Then it gets rendered
and, normaly i dont tag in the same tile in the next 48 hours again, it
will not get rendered until i request it.(Im the only one taging here in
this areay)
On the other way i have an tilesAtHome client running and most of the time
its getting "nothing to do".
Does the script have access to the que? So it could be done the way that a
request is moved to the end of the que if its already in the que. If the
que is empty then, a tile will be rendered several times, during editing
(does it matter?All the clients have nothing to do) If the que is full,
the tile will be moved to the end until the editing phase is over, and
then rendered.

Only my thoughts,


> On 1/5/07, DamianS <damian.sulewski at uni-dortmund.de> wrote:
>> Sorry for my perl knowledge but i thought
>> "next if $oldday > $day-2;"
>> means " if oldday is smaller then day-2 go further, otherway do a next
>> (which would take the next tile)"
> Correct. I put that in because otherwise you get the issue where some
> is editting and it'll rerequest the tile every ten minutes, which
> obviously isn't useful.
> It's a bit difficult to deal with since you don't know if there's more
> coming or not. My logic is that is someone was editting the tile
> before your upload, it won't rerender straight away, but hopefully
> someone will still be editting that area in 48 hours time and it'll
> get rerendered then...
> Have a nice day,
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