[OSM-dev] Difficulty with rendering text in Mapnik

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Wed Jan 17 22:04:43 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 17 Jan 2007 21:51, you wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> If you're rendering from c++ you must register some fonts e.g.
> ...
> freetype_engine::instance()->register_font("/opt/mapnik/lib64/mapnik/fonts/
>/Vera.ttf"); ...

Hello Artem,

OK thanks for that. The demo works (running on dev server).  Will try it with 
mine (may be tomorrow now)

BTW about my other reply I *think* I did tell it to link the name attribute 
after all - seems that the name="name" below links to the name attribute.

<TextSymbolizer name="name" face_name="Bitstream Vera Sans Roman" size="16" 
fill="#000" halo_radius="2" wrap_width="0"/>


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